Wednesday, March 27, 2019

8:00—5:00 First Responder and Law Enforcement Registration
Pre-Conference Courses

  • Basic UAS Flight Training Course  Jolly Classroom Building Room 125
    Learn to Fly Safely & Legally. Learn the ins and outs of flight instruction through hands-on training. Safety, Registration, Drone Simulation, Controlling Drones for beginners, Flight Prep, Flight time.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

8:00—5:00 First Responder and Law Enforcement Registration
Pre-Conference Courses

  • FAA 107 Test Prep Training Crash Course Jolly Classroom Building Room 125
    One day class to help prepare you to take the FAA 107 license exam.


  •   Registration

Friday, March 29, 2018


  • Registration First Federal Building Room 123

  • Opening Session


  • SOP and Program Development
    This session will provide the steps to develop a UAS unit, from a draft proposal to becoming fully operational.  This includes SOP development, training program development, rules and regulations pertaining to public safety operations, selecting aircraft & equipment that fits your mission requirements, selecting your unit administration personnel, training your pilots, as well as documenting flights, maintenance, and crashes and best industry practices and developing standards. Establishing a mutual-aid model which allows proximal agencies to pool resources and work together to implement standardized, inter-operable, and scale able mutual aid drone programs will also be discussed.


  • COA and Waiver Applications

    This session will address the key steps for obtaining a COA, waivers for your COA, and applying for Part 107 Waivers.  It will discuss ways to establish proof of safety in your drone program pertinent to the operations and waivers being applied for.  Waivers allow for UAS to operate at night, over people, fly beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS), flight from a moving vehicle, operate multiple aircraft with a single pilot, flight above 400 feet, and fly near airports and other protected airspace’s.  Performing electronic requests for flight in controlled airspace via the FAA’s new Low Altitude Authorization Notification Capability (LAANC) system will be discussed as well.



  • Equipment and Software
    This session will cover the drone systems typically employed by first responder units and the associated equipment & software that is beneficial for use in these environments. This session will also cover analyzing what systems will be best suited for your department’s needs, as well as usual initial fielding practices.



  • Exhibition Hall

  • Lunch with Keynote Speaker and Panel Discussion
    Drone Wars: Threats, Vulnerabilities and Hostile Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) and Small UAS (sUAS)
    Panel Discussion:  Bart Massey, Chris Stiles, Danny Moore, Rick Lusk, Tony Dickson, John Parish, John Henry, Barry Moore


  • FLIR / Thermal Sensors

    This session will cover the capabilities and limitations of thermal imaging technology, along with their specific application in emergency response situations.  Types of thermal sensors, along with how to interpret the data generated by them will also be discussed.


  • Processing Drone Data

    This session will discuss the best ways to harness the data drones gather in 1st responder operations, and how to turn that data into actionable results or delivered to the necessary end-users or decision makers. This session will also discuss the collection process, how to analyze the data, storing and delivering the data, and decision making based off of the data.


  • Forensics Gathering and Accident Reconstruction
    This session will discuss utilizing drones in supporting evidence gathering for forensics analysis, as well as conducting vehicular accident reconstruction documentation with UAS. We will discuss the tactics and techniques best employed for these missions, as well as chain of custody and data processing and handling.


  • Please join us for the UAS 1st CON Network Social.  Tickets included with your conference material.

Saturday March 30


  • Opening Session

  • Registration Opens First Federal Building Room 123


  • Flight Operations
    This session will cover basic flight operations factors for first responders, to include safety factors, crew coordination, conducting site surveys & analyzing the flying environment, weather factors, equipment management, handling emergency procedures, and anything else needed to successfully conduct UAS operation.


  • Night Flight Operations
    This session will cover operating UAS at night with decreased visibility, the equipment limitations commonly encountered, as well as taking the necessary safety precautions. Night flight on human physiology, visual observer and crew best practices, communication methods, aircraft lighting requirements, and obtaining a night flight waiver through the FAA DroneZone will also be discussed.

  • Exhibit Hall Opens 


  • Lunch  


  • Law Enforcement Officer Basic Tactics
    This session will discuss basic law enforcement tactics and techniques employing drones to include tracking subjects, conducting large event security, dealing with large crowds, handling drone-based evidence, as well as conducting mission planning and crew coordination.  It will also discuss tactical challenges and showcase real-world mission debriefs.

  • Fire / EMS Basic Tactics
    This session will discuss basic Fire and EMS tactics and techniques employed in support of public safety mission profiles as well as discuss real-world incidents.  It will also discuss how to deploy UAS at an incident, conduct mission planning, and crew coordination.


  • Post Hurricane Disaster Response
    This session will discuss various aspects and uses of drones during post hurricane response, to include providing situational awareness, rapidly assessing damage to the surrounding area, conducting search and rescue in areas inaccessible by other assets, providing the public with information, assessing the integrity of critical infrastructure, assisting with telecommunications and power restoration, conducting aerial mapping, looking for lost persons, and determining the safest paths of entry into a disaster site.  The Incident Command System (ICS), along with the National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) and courses will be discussed as well as other local damage assessment tactics.


  • LEO Guidance for Suspected Unauthorized UAS Operations
    LEO Guidance for Suspected Unauthorized UAS Operations This session is intended to assist Law Enforcement Officers in understanding the legal framework that serves as the basis for FAA legal enforcement action against UAS operators for unauthorized and/or unsafe UAS operations, and to provide guidance to help LEOs deter, detect, and investigate unauthorized and/or unsafe UAS operations.


Exhibit Hall 

Sunday, March 31

Located at the USA Drone Port



  • HAZMAT Situation
    This session will discuss typical types of situations that drones can be utilized in HAZMAT situations to include factory or power plant malfunctions, spills during transportation, or even terrorist attacks. We will discuss using drones to measure the damage and assisting with the relief efforts.

  • Search and Rescue Determining Search Methodology; Search and Rescue Flight Exercise
    Flight training exercises simulating scenarios will be conducted to provide hands-on experience to support the training sessions provided over the course of the conference.  

  • Flight Observation and Networking
    Attendees are invited to watch the above simulations.