HCTC Unmanned Systems Technology Certificates--COMING THIS FALL

  • Drone Operator Specialist--this certificate teaches concepts beyond the FAA 107 covering flight mastery and potential concepts in 3D printing, drone media, drone exploration, CRM, digital maps, remote sensing, programming and web mapping.
  • First Responder Specialist--this certificate is designed to prepare first responders in the use of drone usage in emergency situations.  Remote sensing, digital maps, CRM and first responder applications are covered.
  • GIS/Unmanned Systems Specialist--this certificate is designed to integrate drone usage in geographical information systems applications including sensory, mapping, geospatial programming and web mapping.


Classes Currently Scheduled

  • FAA Remote Pilot and Test Prep class
  • Tips for Photographers and Videographers
  • Learn to Fly, Safe and Legal
  • Drones 101
  • Search and Rescue utilizing Drones
  • UAS Flight Software
  • Building Drones

Plan Now to attend Drone Use For First Responders October 26-28!


Our Vision

USA Drone Port will access our region's creative assets to craft a world class unmanned vehicle research, development, training and education facility. The USA Drone Port will be the premiere model for innovation to reinvent the economy of Eastern Kentucky and help move the Commonwealth to emerging global industries.

The National Unmanned Robotic Research and Development Center will offer a 3,500' runway and circular landing pads, surrounded by Class G airspace, capable of landing fixed wing aircraft including military drones. The center will also include solution shops as well as hangers for students, inventors, technicians and manufacturers. The facilities will create a synergistic location for flying, testing, rebuilding and continued improvement of products. Gigabit enabled office space, meeting areas, common areas and computer labs will be available.

The project builds on the assets of the region, Kentucky being the second largest exporter of aerospace products. The site is ideally located to satisfy Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) guidelines. The Wendell H. Ford Airport is a critical partner by providing opportunities for clients to fly in for testing and facility utilization.

Future plans include additions for research and development of land based and underwater based drones.

Flyover of Proposed Site

Drone Port Animation

Our Region