This form has been developed to make it easier to report such incidents, while helping the FAA gather more information via a single point of entry.  This form does not replace any official incident reporting system. Use this form to report crashes, injuries, property damage or complaints related to use of unmanned aerial vehicles.

Drone Incident Report

Date of Incident
Date of Incident
Time of Incident
Time of Incident
Did the drone fly close to or over the following zones?
Was the drone flying close to an airport/aerodrome (helipad, heliport, seaplane base, etc.)?
Was the drone flying at a high altitude?
Incident Type
Was the Drone presenting a direct danger to other aircraft, people or property? (i.e. being flown more than 400ft above ground level, closer than 30 metres to members of the general public, flying fast & low level, or just flying very low level or erratically)
Were you able to distinguish what type of Drone it was?
Do you have photo or video evidence of the suspicious UAV activity and if so, are you willing to share this 
Did you observe any of the following (Check all that apply)