USA Drone Port
National Unmanned Robotic Research and Development Center

USA Drone Port, National Unmanned Robotics Research and Development Center, located in the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky that has G-rated Airspace will provide research and development opportunities for small and large business, secondary and post-secondary education, and government entities. The USA Drone Port will not only serve unmanned aerial vehicles, but in future phases, will accommodate unmanned land vehicles as well as unmanned aqua pods. Private, government, and military institutions have the opportunity to utilize the facility to research and develop unmanned systems technology including aerial, terrestrial and aquatic vehicles.  The facility will include a 500 foot runway, multiple helipads, an advanced manufacturing and 3-D printing facility, office space, an indoor unmanned systems technology testing facility, and a hangar suitable for two military Predator Drones and multiple smaller aerial drones.  The facility will be fully equipped with highest speed internet access available used by research and government facilities known as Internet 2.  Secondary and post-secondary education will have access to classroom space.

Helicopters, UAVs, ATVs, fire and rescue equipment, command center and much more were utilized in Kentucky's first search and rescue practice event utilizing drones. It was a major success and we appreciate all of the participation

Proposed USA Drone Port Site Design